The sea was traditionally used for transportation, simply a means to get from point A to Point B when there was no option to travel by road. Vikings used the sea and leveraged its vast spread to help them settle and take over land all over the world. They used row boats and man power to get around effectively whereas Pirates used the seas for similar purposes but with sails.

Islay being aКартинки по запросу Sailing The Sean island that is relatively removed, it was definitely somewhere that many used as a stopover in the days of Vikings, pirates and transportation via the sea. The island’s geographic makeup is interesting as the hills and lighthouses that scatter the shoreline but there are also places that are rocky, and relatively treacherous to both get to and get off of.

The coast of Islay is so interesting and so beautiful that many people travel from all over the world to have a chance to sail around the coast of the beautiful island. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Islay, whether from across the world or just across the pond, it is recommended and worth a trip out to sea to see the island from a different and breathtaking perspective.

Many individuals as well as organizations offer organized sailing trips, taking the guesswork out of the trip and offering you access to a professional. This is especially handy for beginners or those who may not know much about sailing or about sailing the sea specifically. These guides also know the sport of sailing and understand the sea and the data required to sail successful Sailing .These guides also know the best places to take you, from the Skerries to the rocky coast, to the Special Area of Conservation and even past the island’s many distilleries.

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