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Located on the Southern Hebrides of Scotland, the Isle of Islay is a centuries-old site known for its famous whisky. With references dating back to 560AD, and ancient burial grounds connected to Robert the Bruce, Islay is steeped in history and interesting things to see, do, and read about.

Check out whisky-related activities under the relevant tab on our website, where you’ll find eight distilleries to discover and explore. Considering its population of a mere 3200 people, there’s more than enough to go around.

Not a whisky fan? No problem. Islay is the isle of leisure and with miles of beautiful beaches and coastal views, simply taking in the atmosphere and landscape might be enough for you. You can also check out our other activities, such as pony trekking, cycling, walking tours, and water activities.

One of the isle’s main attractions is birdwatching. There are more than a hundred species of birds to observe, and in the winter you’ll find thousands of geese who migrate in from the Arctic. For such a small place, you’ll agree there is plenty to do.

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